What Standards Do and What They Don’t chapter out now!

I am proud to have a chapter in Volume One of Kelly McElroy and Nicole Pagowsky’s two volume set about critical library pedagogy. This is co-authored with Meghan Sitar at the University of Michigan, a collaboration that came about the old fashioned way, sitting across from each other in a circle at the ACRL 2015 critlib unconference and nodding and rolling our eyes at the same time even though we didn’t really know each other. When we were writing, the standards/framework debate in information literacy was still a live one, and this was one of my first attempts to wrap my arms around what the debate was missing, which was, to my mind, a sufficiently critical grasp of the structural professional work that such documents do in the world.

Since the chapter was finished, I’ve given some talks on this topic, and my thoughts have morphed and changed. More than anything, the #LIUlockout changed the way I think about power. Sometimes it is brute and absolute and your bureaucratic processes and paperwork end up being meaningless. Still figuring out how to incorporate that into my understanding of how the world works. More on that as I continue to figure it out, I guess!


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