Things I want to remember from today

My brain has fallen out of my skull out onto the sidewalk, so there’s no synthesis happening anywhere around here right now. I can say with all honesty that I am spending pretty much all of my waking hours organizing to get our jobs back. But I don’t want to forget:

  • Talking to Klaudia on the phone about filing for unemployment due to a lockout (turns out it’s complicated) and before she hangs up she says, about tomorrow’s action, Emily, wear a hat.
  • Talking with Richelle and Jessica at the diner next door about organizing communications for tomorrow’s action and ordering a slice of peach pie with a scoop of ice cream and knowing that solidarity extends to one of them picking up the tab so I can dash and grab the kid from school.
  • The fire that licked through me when I heard that LIU administration had called the police on our students for loudly demanding the education they paid for.
  • Helping a math professor file for unemployment and asking him his start date: September 1, 1965. “I never thought something like this could happen in America.”
  • Hanging back to watch everybody’s laptops and bags while faculty marched en masse, 100 or so of them, to support our students against the threat of the cops, getting texts and emails, reading tweets, knowing that we’re all getting a pretty transformative education right now.
  • Talking to a Chronicle reporter on the phone who wanted my email and so I said “Google me” and he asked me to wait on the phone while he got a pencil so that “we could skip that step.” My hair is on fire. He wants me to hold on a minute so he doesn’t have to Google me. God. The fucking Chronicle.
  • When Charlotte called me on the phone and I couldn’t stop using the F-word. Sorry Charlotte!
  • Reminding Oscar, who misses me so much because he can tell that I am on another planet right now, that he is really just the most important thing to me. And that the greatest gift we can give him is to grow up in a family that, when something happens that just isn’t fair, stands up and says nope, not today, and just keeps saying it until things can be made right.


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