Things I want to remember about today

  • There’s a material world, with actual things in it, and actual real things actually matter in it. 
  • It feels like being rolled over by a truck because we were just rolled over by a truck. 
  • It isn’t hard to make a bully feel bad.
  • At the end of the day you just count it up and say it out loud and then everything is different. We were in a contract fight, and then we weren’t anymore. It was endless and then it was over. 
  • You get to be mad at me and I still get to be me. 
  • Words matter less than I thought they did. 
  • What Jane McAlevey said: it’s about organizing relationships, systematizing them, and then doing something with them. Nothing else has made me feel more worthy of my life. 
  • What would I have done without the ladies auxiliary? I can’t imagine having been through this without Karen. How did everyone else do it?
  • It hurts that we lost so much. We just weren’t ready. How could we have known this was what was coming for us? How could we not have known?
  • This is how we’ll get a win worthy of the name: power, built person by person, conversation by conversation, one by one until we are enough. 

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