Things I want to remember about today, part II

Today my brain is not on fire but it is sunk about halfway into mud. What kind of long haul are we in for? I was able to synthesize a cover letter for a job application so that I can truthfully respond to the questions on my unemployment claim next week. But I don’t want to forget the start of week two.

  • Taking off my glasses and sinking my head into my hands and Richelle and Katy asking me if I’ve eaten anything today. Derek giving me the rest of his fries with thousand island dressing.
  • Start date: September 1, 1999. September 1, 1985. September 1, 1989.
  • It’s tense with me and Glen. He doesn’t like big organization, I don’t like lots of words on a flyer. There’s only one bench outside where we can eat sandwiches we packed from home. Glen finishes first and heads to the copy shop. I just get upset, Emily, I am just upset.
  • Email from faculty in the business school. If we’re negotiating today, will I be able to teach my 7:30am class tomorrow?
  • A colleague repeating and repeating, I don’t think we’ll be able to make the house payment this month.
  • Vidhya asked how I was doing. I told her I was cold. She gave me her sweater. I don’t need it back.
  • Some things wake me up in the night I am so afraid of them and then people ask me questions about them and all I can say is what I know and I try not to let on that I’m scared.
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