More things I want to remember about today

The exhaustion, my goodness. Everything hurts and I was always tired. But I want to remember

  • The wariness as I come into contact again with the people who weren’t locked out. Their wariness with me. Their experiences were different. Some of them are angry at me, at the union, at all this brouhaha.
  • Mom calling to say she saw me quoted in the New York Times.
  • Saying to a reporter after we’d been on the phone awhile, you’re with PSC-CUNY? No, ma’am, I just dropped out of Hunter and started this online news site with a friend of mine who’s still at Hunter I’m a reporter I just have a few more questions.
  • Overwhelmed by my upended calendar. Everything needs to be put right, reshuffled and reconfigured, like admin came in and grabbed my bag and turned it upside down and shook everything out of it and I’m supposed to be happy they handed my bag back.
  • Richelle on Facebook checked in at Penn Station, going home for the weekend, it’s Friday, it’s a day at the end of the work week called Friday, it’s the weekend for working people, I am a working person, this is a Friday.
  • I set up my phone to take a video of Tom while he sat asleep on the coffee table. He twitches a lot in his dreams and I wanted to make a little video of his whiskers. As soon as I started the camera, Karen came home. Tom heard the door and startled awake and that’s what I caught instead. His tiny orange sideways cat head asleep on top of a library book, suddenly awake and stretching toward the door, ready to find out what was coming next.
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