Money and power

Implementing this lockout must be costing the university an awful lot of money. They had to advertise for, recruit, hire, and process paperwork for a ton of replacement workers to “deliver services” in our classrooms. They had to give all these scab hires ID cards and give them tours of the library. They calculated individual lost wages for each faculty member and coordinated to sendĀ targeted emails to each one of us threatening us with big scary personal numbers. Every single faculty member is receiving an overnight FedEx copy of the email that went out yesterday notifying us of their intent to lock us out. This at a place that can’t keep the third floor of the library from flooding every time the HVAC turns over with the season. They will surely lose tuition dollars as parents rightly pull their students from a campus in disarray. All to resist paying another quarter percent to full timers, many of whom are currently working for 20% less than their counterparts at Post? Maintaining a $75,000 fund to offset health care costs for adjunct faculty? That’s peanuts! WTF! So, as my gf said, this is not about money, this is about power. This is about breaking the union, making collective bargaining a sham.


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