Information Literacy Summit

Huge thanks to Troy Swanson and Tish Hayes at Moraine Valley Community College for the invitation to address the Information Literacy Summit last Friday. Theirs was the very first invitation I had ever received to talk to a group of librarians, and when I got the email in the fall I was beyond flattered and also not wholly convinced that I could come up with 45 minutes of things to say that would keep people engaged. I am really glad I said yes. There is nothing like a deadline, and I was so happy to have it as a push to work through some new thinking around the information literacy Standards and Framework debate, one where I have not really been able to find my position until now. This talk is what I came up with. I describe the conundrum in which I think many of us find ourselves: working in a profession that centers and celebrates critical pedagogy and perspectives perhaps more than ever before, but that does so in what I’m calling a time of compliance, where metrics and quantified outcomes seem to me to be driving everything we do in higher education (and a lot of K-12 too). I was so pleased with how engaged the audience was at the end of the talk–great questions and conversations that could have been a whole day in themselves. It was really nice to find that I am not alone in feeling both embraced and alienated in the particular kairos in which we find ourselves.

Thanks to MVCC for the livestream and recording–I know how much work that is to pull off, and I’m grateful for the labor that let’s me share this more widely.