Michelle Caswell, PhD, Associate Professor, Information Studies, UCLA

Emily deeply understands how power works and how we can collectively organize to leverage our power to transform working conditions, services to our patrons, and the role of libraries in society writ large. Her track record as a thought leader, organizer, and activist has already shaped our understanding of labor, the organization of information, and the contribution of libraries to social justice. Under her leadership, ALA can be an important advocate for reinvestment in public resources, racial equity, and environmental justice for libraries. Emily is not only a brilliant thinker, but a brilliant doer as well.

Scott Walter, Dean, San Diego State University Library, ALA Life Member

The past two years have shown us both the essential role that libraries and other public institutions play in our lives and the increasing need for organized action to protect them and to ensure that future generations have access to them. Both candidates for the office of President of the American Library Association are accomplished librarians and good people, but Emily Drabinski brings an unparalleled background in librarianship, scholarship, advocacy, and the organization of collective action around issues of the public good that is essential to the Association and what its members and their communities need from the Association today.

In a world where all evidence suggests that we need leadership that highlights the value of library workers, the need to protect intellectual freedom from the greatest set of challenges in a generation, and the work that ALA members (and non-members) can do, in collaboration with members of their communities, to protect and enhance the public good, there is no better choice for your vote than Emily Drabinski.

Jessamyn West, Librarian, Vermont

Drabinski’s five-point platform is exactly the road map ALA needs to help libraries navigate these weird times and work together to be not just relevant but actively revolutionary in this decade’s world and beyond. She is the president ALA needs.

Charlotte Roh, Reference and Instruction Librarian, California State University San Marcos

Emily and I first met at a feminist unconference in Milwaukee, when I was in my first semester of library school. We connected over concerns about conflict metals, labor, and the environment, and she made sure to stay in touch and have lunch when I came through her city. In many ways this is a capsule of who she is as a person: someone who takes the time to listen to others regardless of seniority, who creates and values relationships, and who believes in putting intentions into practice. This integrity as both a thinker and a doer is why I support Emily’s candidacy for ALA president.

Maura Smale, Chief Librarian, NYC College of Technology, City University of New York

Emily Drabinski is a strong and steady advocate for libraries, and her emphasis on equity and justice, connections between and across libraries and other public institutions, and reinvestment in library infrastructure stands to benefit all in our communities. I am excited to endorse Emily Drabinski for ALA President.

John Overholt, Houghton Library, Harvard University

Librarianship is a profession in crisis and under threat. Librarians badly need a strong institutional voice to support them in the fight for inclusion, justice, and the right to read and learn. ALA can only be that voice with bold leaders who aren’t afraid to fight hard for these principles. I’ve seen Emily Drabinski’s track record of both visionary ideas and hard-won practical results, and I can’t think of anyone whose hands I’d rather put the future of the profession in at this crucial moment.

Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Now more than ever, the opportunity and obligation to build a better world for ourselves and for future generations depends on strong public infrastructure and institutions. Emily Drabinski has a clear vision for the role of libraries as vital public goods, critical to our collective ability to tackle the challenges of climate change, crippling inequalities, and the lack of equitable access to the information needed to solve real problems and to live the informed lives we all deserve. Emily’s values, commitment, integrity, and range of experiences in libraries make her the ideal candidate for ALA President at this crucial moment. Her priorities are my priorities, and she has my support and my vote.

Michael Gorman, past ALA President (2005-2006)

I support Emily Drabinski for ALA president with enthusiasm and no reservations. She will be an excellent progressive and articulate voice for libraries, librarians, and other library workers and for the values that inform them. We need that voice and that leadership now more than ever. Let us rally round and elect Emily Drabinski!!

Kathleen de la Peña McCook, Professor, School of Information, University of South Florida, ALA Member, REFORMA Life Member

Emily Drabinski has put library workers at the center of her practice of librarianship. Her commitment to establish fair and safe  environments from which library workers provide services to communities shines out in her many publications, presentations and committee service. I commend to all her speech, “Librarians and the Labor of the Everyday” which reflects her philosophy of inclusion and collaboration in library work.