It’s labor day! This is a time to be out in the streets or at the beach. I am at home on day 6 of my last AC chemo cycle. Side effects are super real, and mine are keeping me indoors. The chemo is making me wildly sensitive to the sun, like even more than usual, I get a sunburn walking to the subway even with a giant umbrella and a hat and sunscreen everywhere. So I’m in my kitchen, working. And I’ve done quite a bit of working over the summer. My body has been working for sure, even if in ways I don’tRead More →

When this administration locked us out, we learned that they believed they could run a university without faculty. We won the lockout battle and showed them it wasn’t true. But the war continued and continues. As management shrinks the campus, cutting courses and credits without consultation with us, we see them attempting to run a university without classes. These actions mean that our colleagues are losing their jobs: NTTA contracts are not renewed, long-time committed part time faculty are cleared from the rolls, and anyone without tenure is at risk. As a union, our job is to push back against administration, to organize ourselves andRead More →