Poking my head above the mid-semester waters to ask this question: how do we change the table? There are two conversations going on in my world that provoke for me the same question: do we want to find ourselves a seat at the table, or do we want an entirely different table? And if we want a new table altogether, what do we have to do to get it? In early October I participated in the HuMetricsHSS Workshop in East Lansing. This workshop featured Buffalo Wild Wings with Regina and an out-of-nowhere sighting of a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 25 years inRead More →

It’s my birthday so my girlfriend took me out to lunch. Over chocolate mousse I asked her what I should do as a 42 year old. Plans? Goals? Intentions? What? Do you want to write a book? Sure. What do you want to write about? Oh man, the loaded question, the one I think about all the time these days. I had been scheduled to take a sabbatical last year, and had proposed a book project. As the summer drew to a close and contract negotiations headed toward the shoals, I decided to cancel my sabbatical. I thought I’d be needed on campus, that thereRead More →

I had a super busy spring schedule of talks, and spent a bunch of it trying to work through my feelings about the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education and the Standards for Information Literacy for Higher Education and what these two documents have to tell us about the professional infrastructure of “information literacy.” I gave three versions of this talk, first at Purdue University Libraries, then at UCLA’s Department of Information Studies, and finally in Scranton, Pennsylvania,¬†at the Pennsylvania Library Association College & Research Division Spring Workshop. I am grateful to the librarians, library students, and library faculty who shared thoughts and feedbackRead More →