It’s my birthday so my girlfriend took me out to lunch. Over chocolate mousse I asked her what I should do as a 42 year old. Plans? Goals? Intentions? What? Do you want to write a book? Sure. What do you want to write about? Oh man, the loaded question, the one I think about all the time these days. I had been scheduled to take a sabbatical last year, and had proposed a book project. As the summer drew to a close and contract negotiations headed toward the shoals, I decided to cancel my sabbatical. I thought I’d be needed on campus, that thereRead More →

Many thanks to librarians of the Hawaii Library Association and Kapi Ľolani Community College for inviting me to talk about critical librarianship last week in Honolulu. The talk came at the end of a week of getting my National Parks Passport stamped, something I really enjoy doing and, if I’m honest, was part of the warrant for my trip out west, as far away from home as I had ever been. My first stop was the Valor in the Pacific site in Honolulu, mostly because that was the park where I could get a passport stamp in Honolulu. My partner, kid, and I happened to beRead More →