Carrot season

I watch my hands peeling carrots. I am watching my hands peeling carrots. We are out of apple season, the apples are soft. It is time for carrots now. We have a new peeler after the last got lost somewhere. It isn’t the thin aluminum peeler from my youth, not anymore. This one is heavy in my hand, it isn’t steel I’m sure, but it could be. My mouth so dry breakfast sticks in my throat. Peeling carrots, carrot after carrot. We are going to the ballgame. If we have enough carrots, maybe we won’t get hungry. My mind does not work like it used to. They say this can happen. I don’t know if it is happening, or if I just believe it is happening, am I making it happen. The bag of carrots Karen brought home is enormous, looks endless. I watch my hands peeling carrots. The weight of them will be gone once we eat them. I miss the apples. When will we be in apple season again?

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