Cancer #4

I am in active treatment for bilateral breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes on both sides, diagnosed May 4th. I will have a bilateral mastectomy and left axillary node dissection on July 3rd at 2pm.

What that looks like today: a bus along the Croatian coastline, Zadar to Split, the water turns aqua where it hits the land. A whole pizza with peppers and sour cream and a large beer at a table in the middle of the room, the kitchen cut it in triangle slices, I guess that’s how American I look around here. Soccer on every tv, and there are a lot of tvs. Dragging my suitcase a mile because no matter reimbursement policies or what the exchange rate looks like, I am allergic to taxi cabs. Sunk and sinking, my body will never be the same again after July 3rd at 2pm, how in the world is that just listed on my calendar. Back up and out of it again.

The drain in my arm disappears for hours at a time. We can get used to all kinds of things.

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