I was really loud and angry about initial indications from the American Library Association that the organization would be collaborating with the Trump administration. Like, really really mad. I am equally glad to see the organization signaling shock and dismay at early administration policies aimed at dismantling the state. This is the ALA I want to work in and for, and which represents the things that I care about. It also has me thinking about the absolute importance of sites for organizing and resistance, sites that the Trump administration is producing for us hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute. It’s hard to do anything around shared sentiment and affect unless you haveRead More →

I have been very busy in despair and raising an eight year old and fighting for a fair contract and doing the laundry and calling my legislative leaders to tell them to stop just about everything I see getting started, so I missed Tuesday’s press release from the ALA Washington office that proclaimed the Association “ready to work with President-elect Trump, his transition team, incoming administration and members of Congress to bring more economic opportunity to all Americans and advance other goals we have in common.” This is not a moment to collaborate. This is a moment to resist. Over the past five years, IRead More →